Salted Sprinkle Signature Sweets, LLC

Cookie Care

Your cookie investment needs to be protected from pick-up to consumption. Here are the guidelines we recommend following!

Proper storage

Do NOT store in the refrigerator! 

Keep at room temperature within box and away from direct sunlight. 

Cookies not individually sealed can last for up to a week and be stored in a sealed tupperware container. 

Individually heat sealed cookies will remain fresh for up to two-three weeks. Room temperature and away from direct sunlight. 

Freezer Storage

If you will be consuming at a later date the cookies can be frozen for up to 3 months.

To do so, leave them in their heat-sealed packaging and put them in an airtight container prior to putting them in the freezer.

Remove the container form the freezer. Allow it to come to room temperature. (At least 3-4 hours)


It is EXTREMELY important that you do not open the contain until it has reached room temperature, otherwise condensation can form and will ruin any decorative work on the cookies.

Design disclaimers

Colors: Icing colors may vary. I’ll do my best to match the colors as close as I can, but colors can vary based on many reasons outside of my control. Placing an order with me means that you agree that the colors may vary from inspiration photos and invitations.

Designs: will never copy another artist’s work but gather inspiration. Please be aware that designs are a concept that issues can arise with execution. From paper to “canvas” the idea sometimes is not achievable for many reasons, booking with Salted Sprinkle, you trust my creative process and decisions.